How to be a Surrogate Mother?

Not every woman can become a surrogate mother, one needs to have a generous heart. Maybe you will ask, how much do surrogates make? The process of becoming a surrogate mother entails many emotional, physical as well as legal issues thus, it’s appropriate to consider both the advantages and disadvantages before making your decision to be a surrogate mother.

However, when it comes to surrogacy laws, they differ or rather vary from state to state henceforth, it’s necessary to have a good lawyer to guide through the process. There are always two kinds of surrogate mother that include;

Traditional Surrogate– this is where a woman gets artificially-inseminated with the father’s sperm and carries the pregnancy. After which, she delivers the baby to the intended partners to raise. However, with a traditional surrogate, the woman who carries the pregnancy becomes the biological mother of the baby with the fact that, her egg was fertilized by the sperm of the father thus, a donor sperm can also be considered in this situation.

Gestational Surrogate– also known as “in vitro fertilization” (IVF); Here a mother’s eggs are gathered and gets fertilized with the father’s sperms and after an embryo is formed, it is then placed into a gestational surrogate uterus who will them carry the pregnancy and deliver the baby. Gestational Surrogate mother is not a biological mother of a baby.

Requirements needed to be a surrogate mother

To become a surrogate mother, there are certain requirements you’ll have to pass through that include;

Screening requirements – you’ll have to pass through the screening process; it helps protect the health as well as the safety of the surrogate as well as the baby. It also ensures that you’re both physically as well as psychologically ready and prepared for the surrogacy process.

Medical requirements – your health is a major concern and priority hence; you’ll be screened from time to time until the baby is delivered. Though, it involves several stages starting with medical screening, fertility treatments, and embryo transfer to prenatal care.

Legal requirements – In any surrogacy agreement, the most essential requirement is the legal requirement since it’s the legal contract between the parties involved. Though, they differ depending on the circumstances as well as the relationship of the surrogate mother with the intended parents.

How can I become a surrogate mother?

After you’ve gone through the requirements and meet the qualifications of becoming a surrogate mother including being ready to commit to surrogacy required legal process as well as medical procedures involved, we can now say that, you’re ready to take part in the preliminary steps to complete the process of surrogacy or rather to become a surrogate mother. They include;

Step 1: You’ll determine the type of surrogacy that you’re interested in. Often; there are majorly two types of surrogacy namely traditional and gestation.

Step 2: Choose a surrogacy professional; depending on the services as well as support you’ll require during the whole process, it will help you decide on whether to work with an independent-surrogacy attorney or a surrogacy agency. Check this surrogacy agency if you wish decide seeking help of professionals. It’s important to know that the process, as well as requirements for surrogacy, tend to vary though based on the professional of your choice or rather that you choose to work with thus a good research should be done in-order to select an ideal surrogacy professional that matches your personal needs.

Step 3: Develop a surrogacy Plan: After selecting a surrogacy agency and completes your screening process, with the guide of your surrogacy specialist, they will work with you so as to outline your goals as well as the desire for your surrogacy. You’ll make various important decisions such as deciding on the types of parents you would like to work with, your comfort level and much more.

After you have finished creating your surrogacy plan, then you’ll be ready or prepared to be matched thus with prospective intended parents as well as start the legal and medical process (es), Therefore, by having the right medical, legal as well as screening preparations, you’ll be much ready to become a surrogate mother.


Treat Yourself And Your Child To A Really Healthy Pregnancy

Finding out you’re pregnant can be a very exciting time. However it is important to slow down and gather all the facts. What information is most important when it comes to having a healthy pregnancy? This article will point you in the right direction and have you thinking about more than just baby names.

As soon as you find out that you’re pregnant, see your doctor. It’s important to have early prenatal care. Your doctor will screen you early on for any conditions that could lead to complications. A lot of women choose a doctor or midwife that will be there the whole pregnancy and during childbirth. This is a good time to think about your choices.

To ensure a healthy pregnancy, maintain a balanced diet. Try to eat servings of protein each day. That includes lean meats, fish, eggs, nuts and beans. Limit your fish intake to 2 times per week and one of those times eat an oily fish such as salmon. It’s packed with Omega 3s that are essential for the development of your baby’s nervous system. While eating a balanced diet remember to keep it safe. Stay away from undercooked eggs and meats. Unpasteurized milk, raw seafood and cold deli meats should be avoided as well. They can contain harmful bacteria that could compromise your baby’s health.

Most women have a hard time getting all the nutrients they need. Prenatal multivitamins can help you out. Look for a supplement that includes 400 mg of folic acid and 10 mg of vitamin D. It’s most important for the first three months because folic acid reduces the risk of your baby developing a neural tube defect, such as spinal bifida. Vitamin D is vital for your baby’s bone health.

Incorporating regular exercise into your daily routine is important for building up your strength and endurance. It will help you carry the extra weight you gain during pregnancy and improve your aches and pains. It will also help you with the stress of giving birth. Getting in shape before will make it easier to lose weight after your child is born. In addition, exercise will keep you happy. It has been known to boost your serotonin levels which are associated with mood.

Talk to your doctor and learn all the facts. Being prepared, eating well and caring for your body will lead you down a happy, healthy path of pregnancy.

Fertility And You; How It Works

It seems like everyone almost everyone is able to conceive these days, not just the young as in years past. My name is Brielle F. and for years I was unable to conceive. I used to think there was something wrong with me (or possibly my ex-husband), but now I know that is not the case. In my opinion the ability to conceive isn’t just about the body, it’s also about circumstances.

When I was married to my ex-husband I was in my 20’s (usually the perfect time to conceive, as far as a woman’s body is concerned). A young woman with regular menstrual cycles will be able to use the “natural” method of conception which for those trying to conceive consists of fertility awareness; this is using the calendar, basal body temperature, and cervical mucus generation to determine when your body is most fertile and ready to become pregnant.

Now when a woman is having trouble conceiving there are medicines and hormones which are first used to help a woman conceive. If that doesn’t work the next step is to use in vitro fertilization and assisted reproductive technologies such as Intracytoplasmic sperm injection or ICSI, which is the injection of a single sperm into an egg that is then placed in the woman’s uterus or fallopian tube. Used with in vitro fertilization, ICSI is often a successful treatment for men with impaired sperm.

Other technologies such as Gamete intrafallopian transfer (GIFT) are available which involves collecting eggs from the ovaries, and then placing them into a thin flexible tube with the sperm. This is then injected into the woman’s fallopian tubes, where fertilization takes place. Another method is Zygote intrafallopian transfer (ZIFT), which combines IVF and GIFT. Eggs and sperm are mixed outside of the body; the fertilized eggs (zygotes) are then returned to the fallopian tube, which allows them to travel to the uterus.

I waited 10 years before I found love again with my current husband. Our relationship is much different than my previous marriage was; we don’t argue that often and when we do, it’s not a screaming match but rather a conversation; our relationship just seems to flow naturally. I made sure before we were married, that my man knew I was probably infertile. I never expected in my mid 30’s to become pregnant, and imagine my surprise when I did!

I sincerely think that being relaxed about conceiving; not worrying about whether or not I would become pregnant and having a man that loved me children or not, made all the difference for us. Having a child is wonderful, but I know that our relationship would be just as wonderful without one. For any woman out there who is stressing out about conceiving, the first thing to do is relax. Live for today, find joy in the everyday things, and find love and understanding with your partner. Once you do that you can both navigate the path to parenthood, whether naturally or with a little medical help.