Increase The Likelihood Of Conceiving

Bringing a bundle of joy into this world is easy for some couples and harder for others. If you find yourself on the difficult side of the spectrum there are things you can do (or not do) that can increase your chances of conceiving.

Make sure you’re eating healthily. Maintaining a healthy diet full of protein, zinc, iron and vitamin C can greatly heighten your chances of becoming pregnant. Diets that lack those essential components have been linked to lengthening menstrual cycles which means less frequent ovulation. Eat plenty of veggies, especially the green ones. They are a great source of zinc, iron and vitamin C.

Quit smoking. This one seems like a no-brainer but a lot of women will vow to quit smoking AFTER they are pregnant. It’s important to quit way before trying to conceive. The toxins in cigarettes are very harmful to a woman’s eggs. It can interfere with fertilization and if that’s not enough it can cause the ovaries to age. Meaning if you’re a 35-year old smoker your ovaries can function like a 42-year old. If you’re a smoker that’s thinking about getting pregnant, consider quitting now.

Think before you drink. There is a link between drinking alcohol and having a decreased chance of conceiving. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have a glass of wine with dinner occasionally, but no more than that. Alcohol can alter your estrogen levels with can mess with your eggs’ ability to implant themselves in the womb.

Have sex often. This one is easily overlooked but when you’re having trouble getting pregnant it can feel more like a chore than love making. It’s important to remember why you’re trying to conceive in the first place. Make it a priority to be romantic and loving. Start having more fun and find that spark again. You will be giggling in bed in no time.

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